Yagal provides various services on the defence market: business consulting, project and technical management in the area of C4ISR systems. Our employees and partners have many years of experience and vast knowledge in the area of advanced technologies implementation in Poland and NATO. We focus our activities on the following fields:

  1. Identifying Polish and NATO defence market needs for the acquisition of new equipment and weaponry required to obtain specific operational capabilities
  2. Seeking the advanced technologies and solutions within available products and their evaluation for user’s needs.
  3. Partners matching for cooperation in the field of advanced defence technologies in order to provide the ability to develop, manufacture and supply of competitive products by the Polish companies on the local and foreign markets. 
  4. Agency services in sales of products and technologies for military and police. 
  5. Assistance in negotiating and concluding of contracts between defence sector entities in order to arrange partnership on Polish and NATO markets. 
  6. C4ISR system integration, delivery of finished products and technologies necessary for a full system configuration in the user's operating environment.
  7. Technical assistance in the implementation of particular formats and standard information protocols necessary to achieve system interoperability in the user's operating environment.
  8. Managing the product implementation process in the user’s operating environment, operational and acceptance testing organization, risk management and work execution supervision to ensure the full operational capability achievement. Organization of integrated logistics support (ILS).
  9. Providing of training in the area of configuration, commissioning and operation of C4ISR systems.

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